RTD® iPSC & GMP Cell Banks

A comprehensive solution encompassing products, technologies, and services for gene-edited GMP iPSC banks, spanning the entire process. 

The Ready-to-Differentiate® Solution

Pluristyx Ready-to-Differentiate® (RTD®) format iPSCs eliminate the need for time-intensive and expensive pre-differentiation expansion.  Stem cells in our proprietary RTD® format are frozen at high density and can be turned into product, immediately out of thaw.  By eliminating the need to generate enough starting material for differentiation, we simplify your manufacturing process. Pluristyx RTD® cells are fully characterized, genetically stable, and can be generated from any iPSC starting material in either research or clinical-grade format. Pluristyx can also provide GMP banks in regular format.

1 – 100 million cells
per vial
Ready-to-Differentiate® (RTD®) Vials are prepared at high density, removing the need for expansion and allowing you to quickly differentiate cells for fast assessment.
Stringent quality control
Quality Control testing is completed to confirm the performance of the cells recovered from the RTD® vials. 
Controlled cryopreservation
RTD® High-density can be thawed and used immediately in a laboratory procedure and/or when initiating a cell differentiation protocol.

We Simplify the Stem Cell Therapy Development Process 

Gene Editing
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Human Pluripotent Stem Cells

Pluristyx’s off-the-shelf human induced pluripotent stem cells are ready for immediate evaluation in both unmodified and genetically edited versions. hiPSCs are generated from regulatory-compliant donors and can be accessed for a low upfront fee to help select an appropriate line for your downstream cell-based application.
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Developing the next generation of stem cell therapies is slow, difficult, and expensive. To help you convert your concept into a clinical reality, Pluristyx has the expertise needed to take on the most challenging parts of your stem cell process: including CMC support, gene editing, process and analytical development services, along with cell line development.
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