Best-in-Class culture media consumables and cryopreservation tools designed by industry professionals and for industry professionals to increase efficiency and quality in your therapeutic development.

Cells are only as good as the conditions in which they are grown.  Variability in the induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPSC) culture process can result in genetic instability and an inability to form different cell types.  All processes and cell culture reagents should be carefully selected for their ability to generate stable iPSCs every time they are grown and manipulated for both research and clinical product development. 

As a cornerstone of our panCELLa Platform for therapeutic cell therapy development, Pluristyx is proud to offer a suite of process consumables solutions for iPSC culture and broader cell therapeutic development and manufacturing. Pluristyx has carefully designed and selected our consumables to produce reproducible results with our best-in-class iPSC offerings with an eye toward eventual use for clinical product development. 

Our end-to-end consumable solution, through cell culture cryopreservation, offers are designed for all phases of the product development workflow, from laboratory research through to clinical product manufacturing.  To facilitate clinical use, Pluristyx has chosen to use chemically-defined, Animal Origin-Free (AOF) and identical Research Use Only (RUO) and GMP components that simplify and support your research to commercial transition.

Together with our PluriProtocols™ and Instructions-For-Use, we are making iPSC processes simpler and more repeatable than ever before! Ask today about our first commercially available consumable, PluriFreeze™.  PluriFreeze™ is our our proprietary cryo-medium formulation and first consumable solution available, custom developed to enable cost-efficient, large-scale, automation and banking processes for your cell therapies.

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Preservation Excellence for the Next Generation of Cell Therapy Products

PluriFreeze™, our novel, well-defined, proprietary consumables and cryomedia solution to speed cell therapy commercialization and adhere to regulatory guidelines. PluriFreeze™ is uniquely formulated to support successful and efficient freezing and post thaw cell culture for challenging cell types, including stem cells and T-cells. Designed with advantages compared to existing market-standard cryo-media formulations, PluriFreeze™ offers significant benefits for academic and industry customers in applications spanning from bench research to large scale drug product manufacturing.

PluriFreeze's™ precisely crafted formulation provides a delicate balance of components designed to support cell metabolism and promote superior thaw cell viability during the challenging freezing process. By prioritizing cell metabolic health, PluriFreeze™ minimizes cellular stress and mitigates damage to ensure cells survive the stressful cryopreservation process and rapidly restart function out of thaw.

PluriFreeze™ Consumables Offer:

A higher capacity to incorporate extracellular cryoprotectants provides the flexibility for you to create the ideal final formulation for your cells.

Lower viscosity compared to traditional cryomedia for ease-of-use and incorporation into automated liquid handling, scaled-up, or fill/finish applications.

Significantly improved cost-efficiency with no license or hidden fees.

2-year shelf stability at room temperature

Our proprietary metabolic support formulation results in lower cell stress during the freeze / thaw process to enhance cell viability & functionality post-thaw

A serum-free and animal component-free formulation based entirely on ingredients classified as “Generally Regarded As Safe” (GRAS)


PluriPrep™ is our base proprietary cell culture media formulation. This versatile solution is designed for the wash, preparation, and short-term storage of your valuable cells for the extreme stress of the freezing and thawing process.

PluriFreeze ™

PluriFreeze™ is an extension of our PluriPrep™ base media and is available off-the-shelf preformulated with 10% DMSO (higher concentrations available upon request). PluriFreeze™ excels in providing unmatched stability, ensuring that your valuable cells remain intact and viable throughout the freezing and thawing process.

PluriFreeze™ can be utilized together with Pluristyx’s end-to-end cryo-development services to significantly optimize the freeze-thaw process for your cell therapies to ensure optimum efficacy and functionality for patients.

Thaw cell viability and function of cryomedia consumables, data from Pluristyx laboratories

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