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Stem Genomics Announces Partnership with Pluristyx, Leading One-Stop-Shop Solution Provider for High-Quality Cell-Based Therapies. 

Pluristyx, Inc. and Stem
Genomics SAS today announce the closing of an equity investment and strategic partnership in Stem Genomics. Through the partnership, the companies will offer a unified pathway to allow customers to evaluate the genomic stability of Pluristyx’s pluripotent stem cell (PSC) lines using Stem Genomics’ iCS-digital™ PSC assay.

Pluristyx and the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute to Commercialize Clinical-Grade Stem Cells

Pluristyx, Inc. today announced an agreement with the
Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute | BioFabUSA to manufacture and
commercialize Pluristyx’s clinical-grade reprogrammed induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs).
This collaboration will make it possible to accelerate the scalable, consistent, and cost-effective
manufacturing of stem cell derived products for patient administration.

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The Next Big Thing in Pharma

Dr. Ben Fryer, Co-Founder and CEO of Pluristyx, talks to Pharma’s Almanac about pluripotent stem cells and how the company speeds up the R&D process by delivering Ready to Differentiate® cells.

A Safe Way of Cloaking Cells to Evade the Immune System (Dr. Andras Nagy)

A Safe Way of Cloaking Cells to Evade the Immune System | Andras Nagy, PhD, HonD, FRSC, Senior Investigator| Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, Sinai Health System; 25 Orde St, 5th floor, room 5-1015 | Toronto, ON, M5T 3H7 | Canada Video recording of Dr. Andras Nagy speaking at the ISCT (International Society of Cell& Gene Therapy) 2023 Annual Meeting


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