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ESI-049  Human Pluripotent Stem Cells

Catalog Number:  PLX01 003 R01

Cell number per vial:  1 million, 25 million, or 100 million


Product Summary

Pluristyx Ready-to-Differentiate (RTD™) ESI-049 cells are cryopreserved at 1, 25, or 100 million cells per vial with a >80% viable cell recovery when handled and thawed following the instructions for use.


Format: Research Use Only; not for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes

Passage number:  <25

NIH Registration Number:  0130

NIH Approval Number: NIHhESC-11-0130

Karyotype:  46, XY

Pluripotency Markers:   OCT4 & SSEA-4 (>90%); SSEA-1 (<10%)OCT4 & SSEA-4 (>90%); SSEA-1 (<10%)


Cell Source

ESI-049 hPSCs were derived under current Good Tissue Practice (cGTP) and conform to Global Ethical Standards and Clinical Cell Regulations with complete donor history and testing information.  ESI-049 are registered with the National Institutes of Health (NIHhESC-11-0130).  Pluristyx is a licensed manufactuer and distributor of ESI-brand of human pluripotent stem cell lines.


Cell Bank Manufacturing

Pluristyx hPSC cell bank vials are tested and confirmed to be free of adventitious agents, including mycoplasma, bacteria, yeast, fungi, and human virus.  The cells have been characterized with regards to karyotype, pluripotency, and have been Short Tandem Repeat (STR) fingerprinted to confirm cell line identity.


These cells are for Research Use Only and shall not be developed for diagnostic, therapeutic, or commercial use.  Please enquire with Pluristyx for GMP grade vials that may be used for clinical or commercial use.

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